Who is “SunShare Australia”?

SunShare Australia is an alliance formed by a passionate group of’ like-minded’ people with a common purpose to transform the way energy is generated and consumed in Regional Australia.

The alliance exists to help people understand and participate in the Energy Revolution, in a transparent and open platform.

SunShare has combined a group of individuals and organisations with a “not for profit” administration and vetting team with specific solar, battery and energy management skills, to bring Local Community Solar to Regional Australia.


To achieve wide spread adoption of renewable energy and be instrumental in the transition to a distributed and social energy network.


To equip individuals, businesses and community’s with the tools, advice and security to participate in the Energy Revolution.
We are focussed on the future and aim to provide Regional Australia with access to the latest technologies, provide a central hub of unbiased information and ongoing support through carefully selected installers and local suppliers.

We aim to empower the individual and provide confidence in the transition to renewable energy technologies.


Sunhare Australia is motivated by the role it plays in helping build sustainable communities.
SunShare’s partnerships with Local Community groups, whom share in the financial rewards of these regional campaigns, help to provide much needed capital to progress the community group’s other, sometimes substantial, projects.



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